Places To Eat In Lewistown MT

There are many wonderful restaurants in Lewistown Montana. Ranging from Locally owned Cafes to the Judith Mountain Lodge. No matter where you choose to eat you will experience a friendly atmosphere.

If you are in the mood for pizza try out Brook's Market or Little Big Men. Both places offer a variety of food, but the pizza is what they are best at.

Brooke’s Market is located right on Main Street in a historic building but, it still has a lot of space.  The pizza has been rated as one of the best pizza places in town along with their Ruben and Crazy Mountain sandwiches. Not only do they sell fresh, hot, pizza but they have a take and bake option as well. Brook’s Market is a great place to stop and eat lunch on any kind of day.

Feeling more like a hunting cabin feel? Head over to Little Big Men. Their decor will put you right in the mood of being in the backcountry.  They have a creative variety of pizza including a taco pizza. They are one of the places in town where you can get a gluten-free pizza crust. Little Big Men is a charming woodsy place to eat.

Heading in a different direction Lewistown offers a couple options for Asian food. China Garden and Try my Thai are the places to go.

China Garden is perfect. The buffet for lunch has quite a few options, and the menu has a wide range as well. All the food is reasonably priced, hot, and the room to accommodate large and small parties.

For food on the go, Try my Tai is a food truck parked near the Yogo Inn. They have authentic Thai cuisine that tastes amazing. Good food, reasonable prices, and very friendly service. However, they are only in Lewistown in the summertime due to Montana weather, but they are a great summer option for any time of day.

Lewistown also has many cafes to choose from. The Coffee Cup is located right on Main Street and has a warm and cozy atmosphere. They have a huge range of flavors of coffee and teas.

The seating area is great for any size group that stops in. They also offer a variety of pastries and gifts.

Another cafe is “Six 18”. Besides the wide variety of coffee flavors, they also serve breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. They even have some of the best scones! Six 18 is a small, charming cafe to visit with friends.

If you are in a festive mood go check out Judith Mountain Lodge. It is easily one of the nicest places to dine.  The lodge has a cozy dining area and a full bar. They have tasty appetizers like stuffed mushrooms and mussels. The Judith Mountain Lodge is the most romantic spot to have a lovely dinner with your significant other.

Lewistown is full of places to eat, and after a day of taking in the many activities around Lewistown, Montana you are sure to have a hearty appetite. This is definitely a great place to spend a summer or winter holiday.

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