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Great Falls MT

Great Falls MT is also known as the Electric City. Part of Cascade County, Great Falls is known for its gorgeous waterfalls.  Plenty of exceptional dining experiences and great attractions await you and your family. This is your guide to restaurants and entertainment in the city of Great Falls, Montana.

Montana, in general, is known as a place to experience nature at its finest. One of the best spots to visit in Great Falls is Giant Springs, State Park. You are going to step on to land that stretches for 4600+ acres, with 20 miles of nature trails. It is the perfect spot for boating, fishing, picnicking with the family and more. Just think about all the wildlife you will see, too. Giant Springs State Park is a beautiful spot to visit year round.

Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum is a really interesting place to visit in Great Falls. Its location is 90 Whitehall Drive. You can check out the Minuteman Missiles and all kinds of static displays. Malmstrom Air Force Base Museum is full of military history. Other places to check out in Great Falls include Ryan Dam, Electric City Water Park, Bowser Brewing Company, Rivers Edge Trail and the Lewis u0026amp; Clark Interpretive Center.

Switching gears to your guide for restaurants in Great Falls MT, let's start with Roadhouse Diner. This dining establishment is located at 613 15th Street North, and one of its claims to fame is called The Widowmaker, which is a burger that is said to be quite spicy. Try it if you dare. You will be dining in a log cabin when you visit Roadhouse Diner, so this is going to be a unique experience. Really good food and service are always to be had, so this is a great first pick for your guide to restaurants in the city.

Jakers Restaurant is another top choice, and it's located at 1500 10th Avenue South. Featuring a soup an salad bar and menu items like lobster bisque, steak, and chicken tortilla soup, Jakers Restaurant is a top notch dining establishment. How does a raspberry iced tea, a warm scone and a side of honey butter sound? There are also fresh rolls to go with that steak. You are going to love Jakers Restaurant.

A few other top choices for dining out in Great Falls include 2K's Cafe, Sip n' Dip Lounge and Wheat Montana. Wheat Montana is known for its delicious cinnamon buns, so you definitely might want to add it to your list of places to stop by. Check out all the wonderful things to do in Great Falls, and make your pit stops when you and the family get hungry. Have a wonderful vacation, and you might even want to venture into other cities within the great state of Montana while you have the chance. There is so much to see and do, and let's just say you're going to enjoy some of the best meals you've ever had, too.

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