Prominent Businesses In Helena Montana

Helena Montana, known as the “Queen of the Rockies”, lies in the foothills of the mountains. What is now Main Street was once “The Four Georgians’ Last Chance Gulch”, now a beautiful outdoor mall bustling with unique restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. This vibrant, active city has a fascinating history and plenty to do for residents and visitors alike including the farmer’s market, theatres, minor league baseball, and its signature Alive@Five gathering events. The city emerged from an empty gulch and quickly transformed itself into a vibrant business center. According to historians, Helena was once home to fifty millionaires. Some of the most prominent businesses in Helena, Montana at present are:

1. The Document Center Inc

With more than 50 years experience, The Document Center is the leading and most reliable real estate transfer specialists in Helena for estate-related document preparation, timeshare transfers, loan assumptions, title changes, and much more. Owner Dorene Kessinger started her experience in 1959, eventually obtaining her real estate and broker’s licenses in California and Nevada. When Title companies and Recorders started making it difficult for people to handle their transfers she decided to put her 45 years of experience to use in making real estate changes correctly and affordable for the layman.

2. Hamlin Construction and Development

For over 40 years, Jerry Hamlin the president of Hamlin Construction and Development Company has been building affordable, quality, green homes for families in Helena Montana. They are experts in every facet of the construction process and work with their customers to design and build their dream home. Hamlin construction also has many House plans on hand, and they can assist you in finding the perfect home for the lot you have to build on. It is very rare to find a construction company who also offers in-house brokerage services, Hamlin Construction takes the concern out of buying or selling your home by providing services to list and sell your current home while your new home is being constructed. If you are thinking of moving to Helena, know that Hamlin Construction is a reliable Helena MT business that offers you everything you need to get into a new energy efficient home quickly.

3. Macy’s

Macy’s offers affordable luxury fashion to customers all over the United States and is a known international shopping destination for visitors from all over the world. This highly successful retail store has been in business for more than 150 years.

4. SoFi

SoFi is a finance company that has taken a modern approach to wealth management and lending by replacing the impersonal bank transactional experience with long-term partnerships. They assist their clients with major financial decisions such as purchasing a new home, refinancing of student loans, smart investments, or generally giving advice on how to improve their financial situations.

5. Cygnet Strategies

Cygnet Strategies helps communities to embrace the character and sense of place of their cities or towns and turn them into remarkable and resilient destinations. As a starting point, they do detailed assessments that take a good, honest look at a community to determine where the community stands at present and looks at its good points and bad points. They also identify the intrinsic characteristics of a community – its personality and what makes it different. Getting the strengths and weaknesses out in the open is the first step towards addressing challenges and building upon the assets of a place. In addition, they help communities with tools and initiatives to revitalize local special events that define their city, preventing them from dying off. They conduct surveys and Economic Impact Analyses to develop their recommendations and assist with the implementation of changes to make the next event vibrant, alive, and more successful.

6. Montana Naturopathic Physicians

As licensed primary care physicians, Montana Naturopathic Physicians are dedicated professionals that provide comprehensive diagnoses, proactive natural therapies, and proactive prevention treatments to minimize the risk of harm, facilitating the inherent ability of the body to restore itself to optimal health. Start your children off right with nutritional advice that forms good dietary habits for the rest of their lives. Naturopathic Doctors are prevention-specialists who also treat chronic conditions like digestive issues, pain syndromes, allergies, respiratory conditions, colds and flu, and many other ailments. The emphasis is on patient education, prevention, self-care, and the therapeutic use of safe, effective naturopathic medicine as natural healing agents.

7. Yogo SEO

Yogo SEO Helena MT is a professional Digital Marketing Agency that does an amazing job growing online businesses with their SEO Services. They use the best industry practices to achieve incredible results for clients. Their Search Engine Optimization is second to none. Yogo SEO was formed as a vehicle to generate massive goodwill in the marketplace by helping online businesses grow and maximize their potential. They believe they can help change the world when businesses employ more people, pay higher wages, and give more to their communities. Yogo SEO is designed to make this happen for businesses across the globe.


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