Fun Things To Do In Billings MT

For thousands of years, the Yellowstone Valley where Billings Montana is located has been a center of activity. This, the largest of Montana's cities is steeped in history and surrounded by the wonders of nature. Activities abound including the Pictograph Cave State Park where you can see cave drawings left by Montana ancestors over 2000 years ago. Or meander through ZooMontana and view the native animals that dwell in the Rocky Mountains. Here are a number of exciting activities that are waiting for you.

The Rimrocks. One cannot miss this natural feature that is so prominent in Billings. These sandstone cliffs rise above the city and are laced with 18 miles of trails that gain over 570 feet of elevation. They are a favorite of local runners and mountain bike enthusiasts. See if you are able to find the popular Devils Kitchen, located in a deep crack above 11th Ave., North and ends in a cave. Of course, you do not want to miss the view of the city lights from the top of the Rimrocks, which is easy to access by car any time of the day or night.

ZooMontana uniquely features native Montana animals and those that live in similar cold environments, typically north of the 45th parallel. It is a 70 acre Park with over 100 animals living in a natural habitat that is designed to very closely resemble their native environment. Plan plenty of time to enjoy the park and winding trails and view the animals and native plants.

Pictograph Cave State Park. This attraction is a wonderful way to inspire thoughts about those prehistoric peoples who did the colorful cave paintings on this site more than 2000 years ago. Those who lived here so long ago left thousands of artifacts and about 100 paintings on the walls of the pictograph cave. Be sure to bring a picnic to enjoy and shoes appropriate for hiking around the cave area.

Moss Mansion Museum. Preston B. Moss was an entrepreneur who built this magnificent red stone mansion in 1903. His family called it home until 1984. This 28 room three-story home includes beautiful hand carved wood paneling, walls with gold thread, ceilings that are painted by hand and numerous marble fireplaces. This mansion is now open to visitors and is definitely a must see activity in Billings Montana.

Western Heritage Center. Located in the Billings Historic District, this building was originally the Parmly Billings Memorial Library constructed in 1901. There are more than 16,000 historical artifacts and more than 1,000 Photos that document the historical events and architecture in the Yellowstone River Valley. Be sure to inquire about the High Noon Lecture series offered each month, as well as exhibits that arrive frequently through museum partnerships.

Riverfront Park. A terrific location to spend the day with a picnic soaking in the natural beauty of Lake Josephine, and the Yellowstone River. This is a very natural location that has not been overdeveloped and is popular for canoeing and kayaking. This park can be enjoyed both in summer and winter.

There are so many fun things to do in Billings Montana that you might consider moving there in order to take in all of the opportunities. Whether you are a long time resident or a vacationing visitor there will always be something new to do. It could take a lifetime to exhaust all of the possibilities here in the Yellowstone Valley.

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Billings Moss Mansion Museum
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