Places to Eat and Things To Do in Bozeman MT

Small-town America--

Those who call Bozeman Montana home have every right to be proud of the community where they live. It is a town that combines the crisp, clean air that Montana is known for with a small town feel - but is still delivers on entertainment and dining choices. This community attracts those in search of a place where the traditional values of small-town America are alive and well - but still allows access to all the modern amenities.

Mom & Pop Stores--

A visit to the downtown area of Bozeman reveals independently owned stores and an absence of the chain outlets that have become so much of modern American life. This lends a charm to the area that draws in not only locals - but those who are visiting Montana.

Restaurants and Pubs--

For those in search of entertainment and great food, Bozeman delivers some exceptional experiences.

A thriving bar and pub scene in Bozeman boasts an enormous choice for those who want to let their hair down.


For customers who want to enjoy the gastropub experience, there is 14 North, where fine food, an exceptional wine list, and a great tavern atmosphere combine to provide a fantastic experience.


For another intriguing experience visit the Bozeman Spirits distillery. Here tastings of whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum are held on a regular basis - and all are manufactured and bottled at the site.

Montana Style Fine Dining--

Bozeman also has some exceptional fine dining venues such as Ted's Montana Grill where the freshest steaks and fish and chicken dishes are specialties of the house.

The Urban Kitchen is another great choice for nightly specials of some fabulous steaks and seafood. For those with a healthy appetite, the renowned 50 oz Tomahawk steak may simply prove to be irresistible. Fantastic cocktails also make the experience more than memorable.

Exceptional Wine--

For wine lovers, the appropriately named Plonk is the place to be. Great tapas, a stunning collection of international wines and a welcoming atmosphere are all the ingredients needed for quality time with family or friends.

However, it's not only the thriving culinary scene that makes Bozeman special. There are a number of other entertainment possibilities.

For those who want to mix education and entertainment a number of museums in Bozeman provide an enriching experience. The Gallatin History Museum, the Children's Museum and the Gallatin Art Crossing all provide for hours of immersion in a variety of disciplines and attractions. The Museum of the Rockies should also not be missed.

Museums, Culture & Outdoors--

For those who want to hit the slopes during the skiing season, Big Sky Resort or Bridger Bowl, are ideal destinations. During the summer 40 miles of trails await those who want to take in the beauty of the area.

These are only some of the options that await those who want to explore Bozeman. The town offers an ideal mix of cultural attractions, dining opportunities, and outdoor pursuits. It really is one of those destinations that simply has something to offer to everyone who visits. A trip to Bozeman will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

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