5 Prominent Businesses In Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman, Montana is located in Gallatin County and is the city with the fifth largest population in Montana. It's not a particularly large city, but it has a lot to offer business owners. Several new companies have moved to the area over the past decade. They are now home to some of the most prominent businesses in Montana. Following are just a few of those businesses.

1. Scientific Materials

Scientific Materials is a laser manufacturing company located on Frontage Road. They primarily manufacture aluminum rods and other specialty items for use in large YAG lasers. A few other products include laser optics and laser resonators. Their company also dedicates a considerable amount of resources to research, which has led to various improvements in laser technology. The materials and the research of SM have seen use in countless applications throughout the entire country.

2. Bidegaray Law Firm

Bozeman is home to multiple law firms that specialize in many different branches of law. Bidegaray is just one of those prominent firms and they specialize in insurance disputes, personal injury cases, and community safety. Their law firm has spent several years defending the public and earning a positive reputation with the local community. The majority of their cases are against insurance companies who try to avoid paying clients what they are owed. One of their largest cases ended in a $34 million verdict.

3. Bozeman Realty

There are a lot of beautiful homes in and around Bozeman. When those homes go on the market, Bozeman Realty is often involved. They are one of the largest and most prominent real estate agencies in the area. They manage many properties in the Gallatin Valley and throughout the rest of SW Montana. Clients prefer working with Bozeman Realty because they employ local real estate agents who have years of experience working specifically with the Bozeman real estate market.

4. Bozeman Safe u0026amp; Lock

Bozeman Safe u0026amp; Lock is a large store that sells residential and commercial security products. These include locks, keys, entry systems, vaults, and safes. Their employees often work with clients to create custom security solutions for their needs. They have more than 100 different styles of traditional locks and keys. They also offer more advanced digital entry systems, wireless keys, alarm systems, and video surveillance systems. Many homes and businesses in Bozeman are protected because of the services and products offered at BSL.

5. Yellowstone County Concierge

Yellowstone County Concierge is a somewhat small business but has seen some significant growth over the past few years. The company was founded by Lynne Peachey, who is a well-known member of the Bozeman community and who has nearly 2 decades of experience in the hospitality industry. YCG is a home management company that provides care and security services for homes while the owner is away. Bozeman is a popular vacation destination and there are several vacation homes in the area. YCG ensures those homes are cared for and remain secure while the owner is away.

These five prominent businesses are a shining example of Bozeman, Montana. It's a city known for its hospitality, its beautiful real estate, and its thriving businesses.

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